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We can all benefit from essential oils year round, but did you know that some essential oils are extremely helpful to our bodies in the winter? Our skin, immune system, and minds are all affected by the colder weather and these essential oils can help combat some of the sicknesses and added stress that goes hand in hand with these chilly months.

Lavender Oil

Feeling sick or worn out? One of the most popular essential oils, lavender, is known to calm our body and mind so we can decompress and heal from life’s daily stresses and recover from the long winter months. Lavender’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature can not only give support to chapped, dry skin but also help stave off infection. Lavender oil can be used in a diffuser or in a towelette applied directly to the skin. Try our lavender towelettes when you are feeling zapped and depleted, or have a cough, cold, and any unwanted sniffles coming on.

Oregano Oil

This antiviral oil is also useful for helping with those nights that you may have had a few too many helpings of mashed potatoes, pie, or you somehow made that entire loaf of bread disappear. This oil is known to stimulate all of the organs used during digestion, which promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Adding oregano oil into your daily habits can help to improve, as well as kick-start, the immune system in these winter months when everyone is feeling a bit under-the-weather.

Peppermint Oil

Are your sinuses feeling the pressure? Peppermint oil is well known to help settle a cold’s symptoms. It can help to soothe a headache through its promotion of blood flow throughout the body. It can clear congestion while opening all of the sinuses. Rub this essential oil along your chest to feel a quick relief from congestion.. You can also apply the oil to your temples and forehead to help ease tension headaches caused from the cold temperatures. Another bonus use for peppermint oil is the quick energizing effect the scent has. Apply or diffuse some of the essential oil before a test, business meeting, or event to kickstart your senses.

Frankincense Oil

Often associated with the holiday season, this oil is frequently overlooked in the later winter months. While it may make a notable gift, this essential oil is actually well known as an antiseptic — it is not uncommon for this oil to be used to clean indoor spaces and utilized as a natural deodorizer. Dealing with dry skin, and worrying about the cracks in your hands? Frankincense oil can help soothe skin and prevent any unwanted infections. This oil is also used to help calm a cough, making it a great option when you have the common cold.

Eucalyptus Oil

The healing benefits of eucalyptus oil are plentiful. It has a cleansing effect, which helps to clear the body of unwanted toxins. Eucalyptus oil can support your respiratory tract and help break up congestion so you can breathe a bit easier when you suffer from that unpleasant common cold. Have you noticed that your joints are bothering you from being so tense? Rub some eucalyptus oil on the areas troubling you to feel some relief, while simultaneously reducing swelling for extra comfort.


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