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There are a wide range of potential sources, symptoms, and degrees of severity of headaches. For the large majority of the population, headaches are fleeting and typically not too severe. While some headaches may be symptomatic of other problems in the body, there are three types of primary headaches that are caused by problems with (or over-activity of) pain-sensitive structures in the head and brain. These three types of headaches are: migraines, cluster, and tension headaches. The need to find solutions for these types of headaches is high. Here are a few treatments you can do at home or on the go to help alleviate the symptoms of your headache.


Applying pressure to a series of acupressure points may lead to a reduction in pain and symptoms. A few of these points are found on your feet, including LIV2 (Liver Channel), found between the big toe and second toe a half-thumb width from the end of the fold between the two toes, and ST44 (Stomach Channel), right at the end of the fold between the second and third toes. If reaching your feet is difficult, try popular LI4 (Large Intestine Channel), located on the top of your hand between the thumb and index finger, or try GV14 (Governing Vessel Channel) below the cervical spine C7.


Peppermint and cinnamon, found in this Clear Head Tea, are headache fighting champions. Cinnamon, known to have anti-inflammatory properties, can also ease an upset stomach, a symptom which is commonly paired with headaches. Peppermint, in several small studies, has been shown to calm the discomfort related to tension headaches. A third alternative is feverfew leaf, which has been used for centuries to ease headache pains.


Relieve tension in your shoulders, neck and back, and ultimately help with your headache, by crawling into cat pose. Start on all fours, with your hips over your knees and your shoulders over your wrists. Once you’re at tabletop position, inhale and curve your spine upward, while your head and shoulders sink to downward. Looking for a more passive pose? Put your legs up the wall, and enjoy the benefits of this simple post that can help to clear the mind.

Essential Oils

Frankincense, in aromatherapy, has been associated with sedating properties that can relieve stress as well as headaches that come from stress. This herb can be bought in either resin or oil form, but for easiest use, we recommend oil. Lavender is another scent that you can use to combat pesky headaches, particularly migraines. Enjoy lavender in a variety of ways: infused in the bath, as an essential oil, in raw herb form in a pouch, and even through an eye pillow.


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