Essential Oil Variety Bundle

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  • ENERGY: Kick exhaustion to the curb and boost energy with bright citrus notes that will keep you feeling refreshed all day.
  • FOCUS: Sweet scents of basil stimulate your mind, and support memory, giving you the needed focus to avoid fatigue-induced distraction.
  • HAPPINESS: Harness the power of clary sage, a perennial native to the Mediterranean with a pleasant aroma, to increase joy and confidence.
  • RELAX: Healing properties in lavender foster tranquility and help the body induce a sense of calm. Decreasing stress can help lower heart rate and blood pressure.
  • SLEEP: The warmth and depth of the aroma of patchouli in these towelettes encourages relaxation and combats stress to help you get much needed rest.
  • CLEAR HEAD: Soothing and cool scents of peppermint work to quiet headaches and help control blood flow, clear congestion, and open your sinuses to promote bloodstream oxygenation.

This bundle includes:

  • 6 Essential Oil Towelette Boxes – our entire collection of naturally anti-bacterial therapeutic wipes! One box each of ENERGY, HAPPINESS, FOCUS, RELAX, CLEAR HEAD, and SLEEP (each box contains 12 individually wrapped towelettes for a total of 72 essential oil towelettes.)

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