Energy Pack

Products: Energy Tea/Towelette, Focus Tea/Towelette, Happiness Tea/Towelette

  • ENERGY: Get energized with this black tea bursting with grapefruit providing a spark of energy for the body, and keep kicking exhaustion to the curb with bright citrus notes that will keep you feeling refreshed all day.
  • FOCUS: Support concentration and mental focus, with this specially-formulated, natural tea featuring a lively, slightly spicy blend of ginger with a hint of lemon. Essential oils invigorate your mind with a sharp scent of rosemary, promoting memory and concentration.
  • HAPPINESS: Harness the power of St. John's Wort with the refreshing, sweet taste of the green and rooibos teas, to enhance your mood. Encourage positivity with the clean, refreshing scent of bergamot, which is a natural and effective antidote against low spirits.

This bundle includes:

  • 3 Tea Boxes – one each of RELAX, CLEAR HEAD, and SLEEP (12 individually wrapped tea bags per box for a total of 36 tea bags)
  • 3 Essential Oil Towelette Boxes – one each of RELAX, CLEAR HEAD, and SLEEP (each box contains 12 individually wrapped naturally anti-bacterial wipes for a total of 36 essential oil towelettes)

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