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Every day is a Monday in start-up world. Having a daily fitness routine, discipline with sleep, and a healthy diet is key to endurance. I look forward to a Relax Tea after working out or before bed, and love stocking my suitcase with the aromatherapy wipes when I travel -- germ free, and a touch fancy make them a perfect gift.

Carolyn M.
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So excited I met Dr. Nada & was introduced to Sage Tonic teas and tisanes. This all natural product calms my body and mind helps me relax and regenerate after workout #3 of the day!

Katie D.
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Sage Tonic Relax towelettes are always with me during my yoga practice. The enchanting aroma of the essential oils and soothing cashmere feel elongates my yoga experience and perfectly complements my relaxation.

Yana M.
Jane Doe
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I love the Relax tea. It helps me de-stress at the end of the day. I use the essential oil wipes on my kids for an all-natural clean up. They are easy to use and they work.

I strongly recommend them!

Vanessa O.

Less anxiety More you

Relax Combination

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The Sage Tonic sensory system alleviates ailments by targeting your senses in three parts: teas for taste, towelettes for smell, and the Sage Tonic mobile app for sound and touch. This combination of treatments is powerful and easy to implement in any daily routine.

Benefits of Sage Tonic Relax

  • Reduces stress
  • Calms the mind
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Increases mood
  • Promotes relaxation

About The Products

The Mobile App

The mobile app

The Sage Tonic mobile app works in conjunction with our teas and towelettes — anytime, anywhere. Together, our interactive treatment tools provide self-care that is easy, educational, and effective.

The Sage Tonic app includes:

The Mobile App

All natural, perfect for anywhere!

Our teas and towelettes are individually packaged to take anywhere, making all of our products perfect for on-the-go wellness. Our packaging also features the two key ingredients in each tea and towelette so you can easily learn what is working to give you maximum relaxation.

Everything is non-GMO, all natural, and contains absolutely nothing artificial or synthetic.

Plus, our towelettes are naturally antibacterial. Clean your face (yes, face!), hands, keyboards, desks, steering wheels, yoga mats — just about anything — while reaping the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.


Relax tea contains lemon balm and passion flower, exotic ingredients shown to ease stress and restlessness, while notes of pineapple and ginger provide a calming aroma. Relax towelettes are infused with lavender and neroli to foster tranquility by lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

About Sage Tonic

The story of Sage Tonic began 6 years ago in several of Boston’s
economically-disadvantaged high schools, with some of the most difficult-to-treat conditions faced by an underserved student population. Our program provided them with holistic treatments and a healthy way to self-medicate, educate, and take charge of their personal health and wellness.

And guess what? “It was a huge success! So much so that it led to a published, peer-reviewed medical article and our program being named “one of the top ideas to transform education” by The Boston Globe Magazine in 2015.

Our Founder

Dr. Nada Milosavljevic Founder of Sage Tonic

Dr Milosavljevic is the founder of the Integrative Health Program at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. She’s certified in regenerative and functional medicine, medical acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, and Chinese herbal treatments.

She’s a double board-certified physician through the American Board of Integrative Medicine and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Dr. Milosavljevic also authored “Holistic Health for Adolescents”.
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