About Sage Tonic

Dr. Nada Milosavljevic (Dr. Nada) is the Founder and CEO of Sage Tonic, an innovative holistic program for wellness. The suite of products and mobile technology provide integrative treatments and holistic tools to promote preventive health and personalized therapies.  She is Founder and Director of the Integrative Health Program (IHP) at Massachusetts General Hospital, a collaborative research study and treatment program with Boston-area schools. Her program was named one of the “Top 10 Big Ideas to Transform Education” by Boston Globe Magazine.

Dr. Nada is a double board-certified, Harvard-trained physician and faculty member at Harvard Medical School whose practice includes treatments utilizing integrative and functional medicine. She holds specialty certifications in regenerative and functional medicine, medical acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, and Chinese herbal treatments.

Prior to her career in medicine, Dr. Nada practiced law with a focus on intellectual property in the biotech industry. She is also the only MD/Certified Tea Specialist in the U.S. and serves on the advisory board of the Specialty Tea Institute, works as medical advisor to international tea industry publications, and is a contributing health &wellness writer for numerous publications.

Further to her expertise in evidence-based integrative medicine, Dr. Nada has provided expert testimony before the USDA / HHS regarding the latest update to the US Dietary Guidelines.

She has authored numerous publications and her critically-acclaimed first book, Holistic Health for Adolescents, was released in December 2016 (Publisher: W.W. Norton New York / London).  She has been featured in popular media: Glamour, Oprah, HEALTH, NBC’s Today, Shape, Goop!, Brit + Co, Teen Vogue, Boston Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Bustle.com, Muscle and Fitness, Natural Practitioner, Prevention, and Yoga Journal to name a few.

In September 2018, she became the MD Host of Spartan HEALTH, a YouTube and podcast show which is part of the Spartan UP! podcast series.