Give the Gift of Wellness


With the holidays quickly approaching, you most certainly have a long list of friends and family to shop for and little time to shop. Holiday shopping can cause some serious stress, so we are here to help! Our team has curated a list of gifts that we know are sure to soothe the receiver’s senses and help ensure a calm and stress free holiday season for you as well as for the recipient. We can’t promise you that you won’t see an item or two that you want to buy for yourself! Don’t worry, we won’t tell.


For the yogi

Having a sturdy yoga mat for yoga and meditation purposes is vital for our body’s safety. While exercising, having a good friction free surface can help one to focus more on their poses rather than on falling over! A gift card to a local yoga studio goes along well with a mat. Make sure to ask the studio if they offer any new member discounts and some studios even offer the first class free. Do they need help managing aches and pains? A foam roller is a great present for the yogi or workout fanatic in your life; they help to loosen up those sore muscles, break up scar tissue, and prevent injury.


For those that want to curl up on the couch in front of the fire, breathe deeply, and enjoy holiday music

A mug is perfect for enjoying our Relax Tea in! Passionflower is known to help with one’s sleep-focused issues as well as helping to calm the gastrointestinal system which can lead to overall calming effects. While your friend or family member quietly sips on their tea, and enjoys their toasty toes by the fire, why not gift them something to read? Mindful Magazine is filled with great tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle, and a subscription is a perfect monthly reminder of just how much you care about them.


For those that want to keep calm all day long

Our Relax Towelettes include lavender which is known to help lower your heart rate and puts one in a calmer state. Since our towelettes are naturally antibacterial, they can not only be used all year round but specifically around the holidays to help to get rid of all of those unwanted germs!  


For those that enjoy tickling their sense of smell

Want to to travel to a cozy cabin in the woods surrounded by those you love? Help your friends skip the airport, and give them a candle that can transport their sense of smell to anywhere they want! Perhaps a certain scent reminds you of one of your friends or loved one and with so many candle options you are sure to find one fragrance that they will love. Since our olfactory sense triggers our memory, give them a candle that will remind them of something that the two of you experienced together.


For the sweet tooth

Raw honey has many antibacterial properties which can help with digestive issues. The plus side is that it not only is beneficial to one’s health, but it is delicious in tea, on toast, or just a spoonful works too! Packaged up with a beautiful wooden spoon and ribbon makes a gorgeous, simple gift.


For the makeup junky who doesn’t want junk in their makeup

W3LL PEOPLE makeup is free of all the yucky ingredients. This cruelty free brand is made in the USA and will not leave your skin feeling oily, and you can feel confident about the quality of the product you are putting on your precious skin. Online shop, Follain, is also a great site to check out for a variety of heavily-vetted clean, pure, and effective products that are good for you and the planet.


For those who enjoy a restful night (so everyone on your list)!

Brown noise has many sleep benefits due to the lower frequencies, which will help soothe the person listening. With lower frequencies than white noise, brown noise is commonly used during meditation and as an accessory to sleep rituals. A sound machine is the perfect addition to any bedroom or space dedicated to relaxation and sleep. Not only does this noise help you get to sleep, it helps you stay asleep.


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Nada Milosavljevic
Nada Milosavljevic