4 Tools to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Wellness Resolutions

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One trend that we’re excited to see in 2019: New Year’s resolutions that aren’t correlated with the number on the scale or the total calories consumed in a week. The focus has shifted to wellness, self-care, and preventative measures to promote good health and prosperity in 2019, and we’re here for it! To help aid in your goals for this year, we’ve brought together some of our favorite tools and products that will keep you on track on your journey with wellness. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, get more sleep, or kick bad habits to the curb, we’re confident these will be a great resource for a healthier and happier you in 2019!

A Journal

Whether you’re jotting down notes in your phone, keeping a digital diary in Google Docs, or physically writing into a leather bound journal, the daily practice of writing has some surprising benefits. In a 1988 study, James Pennebaker found that self-disclosure is not only good for our emotional health, but boosts our physical health as well. Journaling encourages positive self talk, creates accountability, and can relieve stress. At the end of the day, you’re in control of what you write about; it can be diet or exercise, your thoughts or emotions, professional goals, family dynamics – whatever you’d like. This process keeps you aware of your surroundings and also promotes mindfulness. And the best part: it’s free!


A Personalized Vitamin Subscription

If you have a resolution for a healthier 2019, it might be worth a shot to jump-start it with a month's worth of vitamins tailored to your unique needs. Brands like Care/of or Binto are taking over the vitamin and supplement markets, and for good reasons: they’re conveniently delivered right to your door, individual daily packs are provided to support your on-the-go lifestyle, and the vitamin combinations are customizable based on your goals and needs. While this is a more significant cost commitment than buying in bulk, or off of Amazon, we venture to guess that you’ll find more value in a service that makes it easier to remember to take your vitamins regularly.


Your New Favorite Mobile App

Being able to carry a daily pep talk in your pocket, track your minutes meditated, or even prioritize your daily tasks for optimal health can now all be done from your phone. Here are a few of the apps we’re crushing on right now that we think are worth a download.
  • Headspace: If regular meditation is an ambition of your this year, this app not only helps you track the minutes meditiated, but also shift your perspective on your thoughts and feelings.
  • ThinkUp: Creating and defining positive affirmations can seem a little overwhelming. This app breaks down positive affirmations into categories that are meaningful to you and has you record them to use daily.
  • Owaves: Harnessing the power of your circadian rhythm is important, and can be difficult at times. This app is designed to help you optimize your body clock, taking into account meals, sleep, exercise, and more.
  • Sage Tonic: We would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t brag a little! The Sage Tonic app walks you through your five senses to find different tactics to treat common conditions that work for you. Currently, our ‘Relax’ app includes sound therapy, yoga, acupressure, and more.

Sounds for Sleep

Missing out on a few zzz’s can have some pretty significant impacts on your health. It’s no wonder more and more people are setting the resolution to make sure their clocking enough time with their head on their pillow. Fortunately, getting a better night’s rest can be as simple as turning on a bit of noise. But, research shows there are different types of noise: pink, brown, and white. So, how do you choose which hue is going to help you sleep better? The answer is different for everyone, so give each of them a try and see which works best for you.We’re loving the Sound + Sleep Sound Machine, which provides a variety of sound environments, which will not only help with sleep, but can have added benefits for focus and relaxation as well.  


Do you have any tools that have been helping with your New Year’s resolutions that you want to share with our team? Be sure to let us know on Facebook and Twitter.


Nada Milosavljevic
Nada Milosavljevic