A Yogi You Should Know: Sara DiVello

Meet Sara DiVello, a former publicist for a large financial services company turned popular Boston-based yoga instructor, and most notably, author of the best-selling book, Where in the OM Am I?, which chronicles an arduous, unfulfilling, and often hilarious climb up the corporate ladder. The proverbial rungs of office misogyny — Sara told us that a colleague who refers to himself in in the third-person as “The Meat” is one of four characters whose names she didn’t change, a crazy boss —”Vomiting Vicky,” and myriad other dysfunctional office relationships pushed her to take advice from an unlikely source, which led her to yoga. After reading about her journey out of the office and into the yoga studio, we thought it was due time to share some of her wisdom. Keep reading to see our favorite excerpts from her most recent publications.

“Hunching can also be a subconscious attempt to protect a very tender part of ourselves — our hearts. And yet, it can also have harmful physical effects.”

Feeling scared or helpless? You’ll likely hunch. Bracing from the cold all winter, or chained to a keyboard? Yep, you’ll probably still be hunching. Featured on Dr.Oz, The Good Life, Sara highlighted several poses to open your heart and combat the physical and emotional effects that hunching has on us all. Her top five poses include: Half Moon Pose, Eagle Arms, Crescent Lunge, Seated Twist, and Legs up the Wall Pose.

“What I learned is that the problem with tying yourself to what you think you "have" to do instead of what your heart yearns to do is that a chasm grows between the two.”

Picked up by Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, and more, was Sara’s story of why she quit her 6-figure career to teach yoga. As a great sneak peek to her book, the piece highlights a series of realizations about work-life balance and fulfillment, and takes you through a journey of life-altering decisions, leading her from a life of unsatisfying corporate battles fought in suits behind podiums, to balance and contentedness, found on a yoga mat.

“Try to carve out time for yoga—even a few minutes on your mat can help you re-center.”

According to Sara’s blog on Athleta, if you have to pick one pose, always choose downward-facing dog. This pose does everything from building bone density to boosting circulation, and it is easily modified. Want to kick the challenge up a notch? Lift one leg for three-legged dog and engage your core. The added difficulty will center your focus, and encourage you to release stress with each breath.

“Dream big…and keep it real.”

On one of the more recent posts on her blog, Sara shared an enlightened version of a year-end review. With tips to get you on track and take care of yourself, she closed with the one above. Dreaming big has its merits, but be sure not to bite off more than you can chew. By giving yourself goals that are achievable - whether they be physical, professional, or financial - you can do more than envision success, you can achieve it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll write a book like Sara.

Looking to learn more about Sara and her book? Click here to check out her website.

Nada Milosavljevic
Nada Milosavljevic